Reports & Presentations

Does your heart sink when it's time to write a report or presentation? If you're daunted by the prospect, fear not - help is at hand.

We can deliver for you a compelling piece of writing that will say what you want to say, and do so entertainingly into the bargain.

You need to avoid getting bogged down in detail. Do that and your audience will nod off - or lose the will to live at worst. There may well be a lot of unexciting details to cover, but that doesn't mean your report or presentation has to be dull.


We will tailor the report so that it has your authentic voice. That’s crucial. So we’ll take time to talk to you, assess what you need and put the report together accordingly. We’ll also think about your intended readership or audience and let that inform our thoughts.

Understanding the context is vital too. A formal annual company report will have a rather different tone from an action plan, just as a set of proposals to, say, a school should be approached in its own special way.

But whatever the subject, whatever the purpose, whatever the length and whatever the deadline, one principle holds good. Writing in a structured yet entertaining style will take your readers smoothly from start to finish and get your message across convincingly. And you can rely on us to do that.

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