At The Writing House we love writing. Kind of stands to reason, doesn't it? But we offer much more - and proofreading is one of our very favourite alternative services.

Lots of people think they don't need a proofreader to check their work. That's understandable, because it's an often overlooked art. But don't fall into the trap of not letting another pair of eyes look over what you've written, as the pitfalls can be costly and very damaging.

Poor spelling can wreck any piece of writing. It’s a courtesy to the reader to use words correctly – and people will notice if your writing doesn’t. And let’s face it, they will draw their own conclusions.

Think about grammar, too. Everyone has their own ideas about what constitutes good grammar, but they all know bad grammar when they see it. And that will torpedo your chances.

We’re happy to cast our eagle eyes over any piece of writing and offer improvements. These can range from simply tidying up any spelling mistakes to suggesting changes of structure and approach so that your writing is at its most compelling.

When proofreading, we’ll never forget that you are the writer and you deserve the plaudits. If we make suggestions, we’ll always do it with sensitivity.

Our credentials? With lots of experience of sub-editing on national newspapers, we can spot errors and infelicities as a starving man sees food.

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